Stipe Urges Residents to Vote in Upcoming City Election

Clarinda, IA | (October 13, 2017) — CRHC Chief Executive Officer Chris Stipe wrote a letter encouraging Clarinda residents to vote in the November 7th city elections.  Here is a copy of the letter as it appeared in the October 12th edition of the Clarinda Herald-Journal.

To the Citizens of Clarinda, and our patients and families who depend on us:

As Chief Executive of your hospital, I feel it is important to keep the public informed about the hospital and clinics.  We do this through our marketing, however, in an election year it is particularly important to keep the public informed of the facts when, unfortunately, there can be misleading and inaccurate information being communicated about the hospital.  Sadly, promoting negativity and falsehoods about the hospital does nothing to help it grow or achieve its goals of caring for the community.  In fact, our employees can be deeply hurt when negativity is directed at your hospital. 

Honestly, I have never been more proud to be associated with CRHC as it is performing at the highest level in almost every area of operations.  Our employees and medical staff are the best I have ever worked with, and they amaze all of us each and every day with their skills and dedication to our patients and families.

Here are the facts:

  1. The hospital has recently posted its most consistent and highest patient satisfaction results in its history.  Doctors and providers, and several departments, have been recognized nationally for their patient satisfaction.
  2. Employees have received three raises and three bonuses in the last 15 months.
  3. Our percentage of employee engagement is increasing according to our last employee survey.  Engaged employees are the most loyal and dedicated, and go the extra mile for the organization.
  4. Employees continue to receive IPERS benefits which is as good as any retirement available. 
  5. Employees have had less than a 10% total increase in their health insurance premiums over the last five years.
  6. Hospital employee turnover is at or below industry norms.
  7. Clinical quality and safety indicators, such as, Adverse Drug Events, Patient Falls and Readmissions are as good, or better, than similar hospitals.
  8. The hospital has added new or upgraded services, such as our new, state-of-the-art ambulance, world class orthopedics and joint replacement care, 3D Mammography, and our Athletic Training Program with the Clarinda Schools.
  9. The hospital is exceeding financial goals and we continue to work on becoming more productive and accessible each day.  Our cash position is extremely strong compared to like facilities. 
  10. The new hospital and clinic was built to serve the community nearly six years ago, and we are successfully paying down the debt (bonds) associated with the new building with no public tax revenue.

I have a great deal of faith that members of our community see the truth on the faces of our employees and patients each and every day.  WE CARE!  And we are a team that is working well together to successfully overcome the challenges and changes we are seeing in the national health care system, and here in Iowa.

As someone who has lived in Clarinda for almost a decade and cares deeply about our community, our hospital, our schools, our jobs and our future, I ask that you please get out to vote on November 7th.  Our hospital needs candidates for Hospital Trustee who are sincerely focused on our patients and delivering the highest level of care to our community.  To learn more, I invite you to attend a candidate forum on October 25th at 7pm in the Clarinda High School Auditorium.

Thank you for trusting us with your health. 

Sincerely, Chris Stipe, Chief Executive Officer, Clarinda Regional Health Center