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Clarinda Regional Health Center staff has been at the forefront of efforts to identify and address the various threats to safety in a hospital setting. All staff and employees at CRHC are now, more than ever, focused on making our patients’ hospital experience free from harm.

It is the goal of Clarinda Regional Health Center to reduce medical errors and to prevent harm to our patients while they are receiving care at CRHC. Our goal is to engage and inspire our healthcare providers to create new safe cultures and reliable systems of care. A successful safety program must create reliable team interactions, ensure reliable well-designed processes, and promote a just culture. CRHC has a safety program that is aggressive and proactive. We continuously look for ways to make our patients and our environment safer. We also learn from the experiences of other hospitals, and from “good catches”, sometimes called “close calls”, to improve the safety of every process at CRHC. If you have any questions, comments or safety concerns, please contact Mattea Fritz at (712) 542-8270.