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Infection Control & Prevention

Infection can be a major health problem. The Infection Control Department at Clarinda Regional Health Center is continually working to keep our patients safe from contracting infections while in our facility. We have a team, which meets monthly to address any concerns and review our current policies and procedures.

Dear Patient,

At Clarinda Regional Health Center, we are committed to providing you with the best of care. Because your health and safety are important to us, we are taking part in patient safety programs to reduce the risk of transmission of antibiotic–resistant bacteria.

There are bacteria, or germs, both inside and outside the hospital of special concern because they are resistant to antibiotic treatments and can cause infection while patients are receiving medical care. Antibiotic resistance is a growing worldwide problem.

People can carry these germs in or on their body without symptoms and they can unknowingly be passed from patient to patient if important steps are not taken. A very important bacteria that may be resistant to many antibiotics is Methicillin-Resistant Staphyloccus Aureus (MRSA). MRSA is commonly found on the skin or in the nose. There are also other resistant organisms, such as VRE or Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococus that are also cause for concern.

It is important for your healthcare providers to know if you are carrying MRSA, so a specimen will be collected for MRSA tests. The specimen is collected by swabbing the inside of your nose with a sterile swab. Please notify your healthcare provider if you have a history of MRSA or other resistant organism.

If you are found to carry MRSA you will be placed in “contact precautions” to help prevent the spread of MRSA in the hospital. This means that health care staff will be wearing gowns and gloves while caring for you. The presence of this bacteria does not require additional treatment unless you have an infection. Information about MRSA is available and you may request this at any time. Please ask your nurse if you have any questions or concerns regarding this information.

Thank you for choosing Clarinda Regional Health Center for your health care needs.

MRSA Patient Information

General Infection Prevention Tips

  1. Handwashing! Handwashing! Handwashing!!! Basic handwashing should be completed correctly and frequently during the day. Please ask your health care worker to wash their hands when providing your care.
  2. Finish antibiotics as prescribed by your physician.
  3. Get your flu shot every year. Keep all vaccinations up to date.
  4. Watch IV sites or any type of invasive procedure that may put you at risk for an infection. Signs of infection include fever and redness/swelling at the insertion site. Other things to watch include drainage or foul odor from incisions.
  5. Keep tissues in every room of your house and dispose of correctly.
  6. Remember cold viruses can last several hours on telephones, doorknobs, toys, etc. Clean these items frequently.
  7. Avoid smoking around children, as this is a risk factor for upper respiratory infections.
  8. Please check at our nurse’s station before visiting a patient if you have been ill or currently have a fever.

If you have questions or concerns about infections or other related topics, please contact Mattea Fritz at (712) 542-8270.