Billing Information

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Hospital Bill vs. Clinic Bill

Clarinda Regional Health Center has a provider-based clinic (Clarinda Medical Associates (CMA)in Clarinda). We also have the Villisca Family Health Center which provides patient services. Regardless of whether or not you use one of our clinics or a service within the hospital facility, we will bill the services to your insurance company and you may receive a private pay statement from our third-party billing company – MARS.

Regulations govern the hospital billing process. We assure you in these instances that although you may receive two bills (one from the clinic and one from the hospital), we have not duplicated the charges. Please contact our billing office if you have questions about your bill (712) 542-8243 or (712) 542-8305.

Reminders for Making Payment

Please include your patient account number or the payment stub that is attached to the statement to ensure the correct account is credited.

All payments are to be remitted to the following address:

Clarinda Regional Health Center
Attn: Accounts Receivable
PO Box 217
Clarinda, IA 51632