Patient Billing Improvements Planned

Clarinda, IA | November 6, 2018

Clarinda Regional Health Center CEO Chuck Nordyke has announced CRHC is in the process of changing how our patients receive their bills. Nordyke, who joined the CRHC team on July 1st says, “One of the concerns I’ve repeatedly heard in my first 90 days in Clarinda is how frustrated our patients can get because of some of the inefficiencies demonstrated by our billing partner. I’ve heard about a variety of issues with regard to billing statements. It’s important for our valued patients to know that we have listened to you and we are making some positive changes because of that feedback.”

Nordyke goes on to say, “Our new billing partner will begin working with us at the beginning of 2019. Our team has worked hard to identify the problems patients currently encounter and used that information to ensure our new billing partner can overcome those issues.” The CRHC CEO adds, “Because of the complexity of billing for health care services today, it’s unrealistic to expect all patient bills to be perfect. However, in the spirit of our mission for Advancing Exceptional Care, our expectation for our new billing partner is also high.”

CRHC Business Office and Finance Director Joni Christensen echoes those thoughts. “CRHC wants to thank our customers for communicating and expressing concerns about the current company that helps us with our billing process. We have been listening and will be making a change in 2019 to a new company that will be sending our statements, reminder calls, and setting up payment plans when needed”. She adds, “We are excited about this new partnership and feel it will be a positive change going forward for our patients and CRHC. Thanks again for your continued support and feedback.”

Nordyke adds one additional comment, “Once this new process is rolled out in January, we will look forward to your continued feedback not only about our billing statements, but any other comments about the care you receive from CRHC.”