Skilled Nursing Care

Achieve Your Goals With CRHC

If you or your loved one has been in the hospital and is now ready to begin the journey home, consider Clarinda Regional Health Center’s (CRHC) Swing Bed Program for your skilled care needs. Whether you had your hospital stay at CRHC or somewhere else, we would love to provide the care you need closer to home! CRHC’s Swing Bed Program is suitable for those recovering from surgery, stroke, or other illnesses. Our Skilled Care is available to help you get back to your previous health, so you have a safe transition back home. Our Care Team consists of our Hospitalist, Nursing staff, Physical, Occupational, Respiratory and Speech Therapy departments. We also offer the convenience of having a Pharmacy, Dietary, and other ancillary departments on-site to work with you to develop a multidisciplinary plan of care. In our Swing Bed Program rehabilitation is provided six days a week by our therapists.

What is Skilled Care?

Skilled care, or swing bed care, is a Medicare program that allows a patient to receive skilled care services once acute hospital care is no longer required, but you continue to have needs that cannot be easily provided in your home. It is a program designed to assist patients in reaching their highest potential for health and independence prior to returning home.

The program is ideal for patients who require:

  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • IV medication
  • Wound Care
  • IV dietary therapy
  • Social Services
  • Diabetic Education
  • Radiology Needs
  • Chronic Care Management
  • End of Life Care as needed
  • Serial Laboratory testing
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Pharmacy onsite

Why choose CRHC for your Skilled Care Needs?

Care is delivered in a hospital setting, with weekly interdisciplinary meetings at the bedside to discuss your progress and next steps. There is a low nurse to patient ratios with open visitation and the ability for a family member to stay overnight if needed. We have a Hospitalist on-site who rounds daily or at least a minimum of twice a week. Our large, warm and welcoming rooms offer cable TV, phone and Wi-Fi, and our dietary department offers a variety of meal and snack options.

If hospitalized elsewhere, you can still take advantage of our Swing Bed Program. Just talk with your discharge planning team about coming to CRHC to receive your skilled care.

How Long Can I Stay?

The Swing Bed program is considered short-term. The average length of stay is generally one to two weeks. For expected stays longer than 30 days, the services of a long-term care facility may be more appropriate.

CRHC Swing Bed Program is a collaborative effort. Many departments throughout the hospital work together in order to provide the best possible care.

Who Is Eligible?

For Medicare patients: Swing bed is available to patients who have Medicare Part A, been hospitalized three consecutive nights in an acute care bed within the past 30 days and have a need for skilled care directly related to that stay, as defined by Medicare.

Patients covered under commercial insurance plans may also have specific conditions of qualification mandated by their insurance companies. CRHC will work with you to get prior and continued approval of coverage from your insurance company before and during your skilled care stay.

An individual evaluation of your health determines if your medical condition warrants skilled care. In addition to the above, your condition must be stable, and you must have a daily skilled care need (or five days per week for Rehab).

Once a patient is admitted into the Swing Bed program, eligibility is reviewed daily by your care team. To remain in the program, the patient must be active in their treatment and rehabilitation therapies. Progress must be demonstrated toward health-related goals for patients to continue to meet mandated qualifications for skilled care.

If you are interested in receiving additional information about CRHC’s Swing Bed program, contact our Social Services department at 712-542-2176.