At Clarinda Regional Health Center, our pharmacy department plays a key role in the treatment of our patients. Our pharmacists are members of our patients’ health care team, working closely with patients, physicians, nurses and other health care professionals to provide optimal drug therapy. Our pharmacists monitor every stage of medication therapy to improve all aspects of effectiveness. They also provide crucial quality checks to detect and prevent harmful drug interactions or reactions and potential mistakes.

In addition, CRHC pharmacy provides outpatient services, which include monitoring warfarin levels and making adjustments thru the Coumadin Clinic. We also offer outpatient infusion services, including chemotherapy.

CRHC pharmacy is staffed Monday thru Friday 8:30-4:30 by an in-house pharmacist and certified pharmacy technician. Additional off hour coverage is staffed by remote pharmacists through a telepharmacy program to provide patients and staff 24/7 pharmacy services.

Please don’t hesitate to have the pharmacy department contacted should you have questions regarding your medications during your stay at the hospital. Our pharmacists would be more than happy to answer any question or concern you may have.

For assistance, please contact the Pharmacy Department at (712) 542-8202.