Fit U Class Registration Is Now Open

(Clarinda,IA) — If weight loss was easy, no one would struggle with it.  The dietitian’s at CRHC have developed an affordable 10 week weight loss management class called Fit U to give you the support you need.

We know that you are more than a number on a scale.  We do body composition testing at the beginning and the end of the program so you can see what progress you have made even if the readout on the scale doesn’t show much of a decrease.

Each week we have a different topic that is discussed.  These topics give you ideas of areas you can work on to improve your health, in addition to your waistline.  Just 30 minutes a week for 10 weeks is manageable for us to work into our busy lives.  A morning session on Wednesday mornings at 7:15 a.m. has been added to our fall schedule to make it even easier.  If this is too early for you, we are continuing our 4:00 p.m. session on Tuesdays.

We don’t expect you to take our word for it.  We asked our participants what they would tell others about our Fit U program and this is what they told us:  “holds you accountable without being discouraging,” “very informational,” “I looked forward to coming to class,” “I like the fact that I am more than a number,” “I loved the positive reinforcement,” “I loved everything about the class and can’t wait for the next one!”  We have participants that are already returning for their second and third sessions this year and they are celebrating great successes on their healthy weight loss journey.

If you would like to join, be sure to call the CRHC dietitians to reserve your spot for our fall sessions that are starting September 5th and 6th!  The cost for the entire 10 week program is just $75 per participant.  Call 712-542-8303 to register or ask additional questions.  (Article provided by Melisa Baier, RD, LD)