CRHC Announces Collaborative Effort To Bring New Safety Equipment For Young Athletes

Clarinda, Iowa | August 15th, 2019

Logan Wood, CRHC Athletic Trainer, and new safety equipment purchased for young student-athletes
(CRHC) Athletic Trainer, Logan Wood, with some of the new safety equipment purchased for student-athletes

Clarinda Regional Health Center (CRHC) has a proud past of engaging in community projects. Today we announce a joint head injury safety project in conjunction with the Clarinda Booster Club, the Clarinda Youth Tackle Football Club, and an anonymous donor. (CRHC) Director of Ancillary Services Greg Jones states, “we believe that a strong community relies on collaboration and partnerships. We have often been on the receiving end when it comes to the support from our generous community. We also have recently renewed our commitment to our Clarinda school system through projects such as the junior cardinal backpack program and the hire of a certified athletic trainer. It is a shared responsibility to provide a healthy environment that promotes and protects the children in our community.”

(CRHC) Logan Wood, Athletic Trainer Certified (ATC) and Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT) shares, “we especially feel that a healthy environment includes the safety and support of our area student-athletes. In recent years there has been significant attention to contact sports that incudes higher risk factors for concussion and brain injury. Locally football is the highest impact sport that is offered. There have been many recent advancements in player techniques and equipment to help reduce, measure, and treat concussions.”

Jones further adds, “we are compelled to help address these risk factors through the means of prevention, measurement, and treatment.” CRHC is proud to work with the Clarinda Booster Club, the Clarinda Youth Tackle Football Club, and an anonymous donor that raised the funds necessary to provide Guardian helmet caps for the Clarinda Youth Tackle Football Club through Middle School players in Clarinda. This covers the ages of 9 to 13. This equipment is worn over the helmet and through research has proven to reduce Head Injury Criteria (HIC) from 25-33%. This added layer of protection is used throughout the U.S. and provides added helmet protection while the kids are still being taught proper technique.

Members of CRHC, Clarinda Booster Club, and Clarinda Youth Tackle Football Club.

Wood also shares, “the high school football athletes ages 14-18 will benefit from new equipment too.” This collaborative group will be donating the funds for new Riddell SpeedFlex helmets with internal Riddell InSite Impact Sensors installed. These helmets are highly rated through independent research and considered to be one of the safest on the market. The Riddell InSite internal sensors with the accompanied software help measure and display real-time player helmet impact. This gives the opportunity to immediately pull aside an athlete and assess the possibility of any brain injury that may go unnoticed otherwise. CRHC’s Logan Wood will manage the system and provide real-time and composite analysis to the coaching staff. Wood further explains, “while this may not ultimately prevent a brain injury it will provide an opportunity to intervene and keep an athlete from repetitive impacts to the head which is important.” Having a trainer on the sideline whose sole purpose is player safety will provide better injury assessment and care. It also allows coaches to coach and not co-manage injury assessment during competition. Jones also shares, “our group of local providers, as well as specialists, will offer best practice treatment and follow-up care for acute concussion treatment and recovery. They will provide and follow consistent assessment and practice protocols. We are also aware that there is a mental health component to concussions. We are currently developing our mental health service line for the future which also plays a large part in the treatment of brain injury.” Our community is fortunate to be receiving this level of service from an athletic trainer.  This level of collaboration and care for high school student-athletes in our area is new. Logan will do a great job in the development and delivery of services for all athletic programs. Our student-athletes, coaches, and programs will thrive with his assistance.